Who We Are

SMS Factory, Inc. has over ten years of experience developing, implementing and operating products in the SMS industry. Having successfully serviced ten of thousands of business owners and operators. SMS Factory works on innovative strategies and solutions to help businesses effectively reach their clients and prospects.


Our software is scalable to meet the volume and speed requirements of any advertiser, promoter or marketer. It was built using cutting-edge technologies and architecture to blast your text messages in no time! Our dedicated cloud meets the highest standards of availability and redundancy.

Customer support

With our onboarding help and live support, the software is easy to learn and can be used by almost anyone, in a do-it-yourself fashion. By combining the simplicity of use and outstanding features, we pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction.

Mission statement

We set out to build an enterprise application that will allow corporations to communicate more effectively with their customers. We do this by offering the technology to enable any landline, VoIP or toll-free number to include text messaging. We see a world where businesses can more effectively reach their audience where they are without changing their normal behavior.