SMS API Integration for Your Platform

We offer a powerful API that enables seamless integration of SMS functionality into your platform. As an API partner, you can offer a comprehensive SMS solution to your customers without investing in the development and maintenance of your own SMS infrastructure.


SMS Factory API Features

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Authentication and authorization

Securely authenticate API requests and manage access to the TextingLine API


Allows you to receive incoming SMS messages and reply to them automatically using the API.

Custom message

You can create and save custom message templates for frequently used messages, making it easier to send them with a single API call.


The API can automatically shorten URLs in your messages using the TextingLine shortener service.


Allows you to control the rate at which messages are sent, helping to prevent errors and manage costs.

Multiple language

The API supports multiple programming languages, including Python, PHP, and Java.


The TextingLine API includes analytics and usage tracking, providing insights into how your API usage is impacting your business.

Set up

Set up HTTP endpoints to receive incoming SMS messages, including support for custom parameters

Send SMS

Send text messages to one or multiple recipients, including support for Unicode and concatenated SMS

Send MMS

Send multimedia messages (MMS) to one or multiple recipients, including support for media attachments

Manage contact
and contact lists

Send multimedia messages (MMS) to one or multiple recipients, including support for media attachments

Schedule messages
for later delivery

Schedule messages for later delivery, with support for recurring messages and time zones

Retrieve account

Retrieve information about your TextingLine account, including usage statistics and account balance

Check message status
and delivery reports

Retrieve real-time status updates and delivery reports for sent messages


With the TextingLine API, you can personalize your messages with dynamic content such as the recipient's name, location, or other

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Frequently Asked Questions

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SMS Factory operates on a tailored pricing model, specifically crafted to align with the unique needs of each of our resellers and partners. Recognizing the distinct requirements of every partner, we strive to strike the perfect balance in our pricing, ensuring value and adaptability for every collaboration

SMS Factory is committed to adhering to industry standards and best practices. We continuously update our platform and processes to align with evolving regulations. Moreover, our team actively monitors industry guidelines to ensure that our services not only meet but often exceed compliance requirements. We also provide resources and guidance to our partners to assist them in navigating these standards

SMS Factory prioritizes the security and privacy of all customer data. We employ advanced encryption techniques, rigorous data protection protocols, and conduct regular security audits. Moreover, using our platform is, in fact, safer than common messaging apps like WhatsApp for professional communications. Our system is specifically designed to comply with global privacy standards, ensuring that sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and discretion. Partners can trust that their data, and that of their clients, remains safeguarded at all times

SMS Factory is committed to the success of our resellers and partners. We offer comprehensive technical assistance, onboarding sessions, and dedicated account managers. Our team is equipped to address any technical concerns, assist with integration challenges, and provide training to ensure seamless platform usage. We believe in empowering our partners with the knowledge and tools they need, ensuring they can deliver the best experience to their clients

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