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When you think of retail, many find that they automatically think of clothing or Black Friday shopping. However, retail is really any business that sells directly to consumers. If retail deals directly with customers, shouldn’t retail stores communicate with them in the most direct way? Owning a retail store comes with many challenges. Store owners have to worry about a number of different things such as:

  • How to get more people into their store.
  • How to engage with their existing customers.
  • How to effectively retain customers and incentivize loyalty.
  • How to turn a profit.

In this article, we will describe how the retail sector can use SMS Factory’s business texting software to help them overcome their challenges.

Types of Business Texting for Retail

There are two functionalities that are important when deciding on an SMS platform for your retail marketing strategy.

  1. Business texting. The goal here is to make your customers feel valued by giving them personalized content. This will, hopefully, make your existing customers more likely to come back. This type of solution allows for a one-on-one customer-to-business conversation that will make your clients feel special.
  2. Text Marketing and Broadcasts. This is the ability to send 1 text message to your entire contact list. Send a text blast to spread the word about a sale, a change in store hours or a change in location.

Next, you will need to think about your texting strategy. By communicating the way consumers prefer to communicate, you can increase retention, drive traffic, and increase revenues. Did you know that 77% of consumers are already looking up your products and offerings through their cell phones? Why not make the extra effort to engage with them on the device they are already using!

How your retail clients can use SMS Factory’s Business Texting Software

Customer loyalty and points programs.

Research shows that repeat customers spend 67% more than first-time buyers. Offer your customers text exclusive sales, access to new products, and invite them to members-only events.  With Merge tags, you can make sure that all of your messages are personalized to make each customer feel important. Text messaging for business has made it easier for companies to reach customers.

Texting Coupons

Increase your foot traffic and give consumers the push they need to make a purchase by sending out coupons Via Text. Since 96% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery, texting is definitely the quickest way to spread the word. 25% of people redeem texted coupons within 3 days, and that percentage jumps to 60% in the first week.

Giving Product SMS Updates

Alert clients when new shipments come in, new product updates, and let them know when their products are ready for pickup. Your customers like to know what is going on, and they will be excited to hear about their favorite product is back in stock. Business texting can be used for sending tracking numbers of shipments or in-store purchases.

Sending out Appointment Reminders

If your business relies on appointments for its revenues, the appointment reminder feature in the SMS factory business texting software helps increase show rates. If your clients have to schedule an appointment for a fitting or product demonstration, this is great to increase your show rates!

Spread the Word about Events

In the midst of the online shopping revolution, retail stores have what all online stores don’t, PHYSICAL SPACE! Get your clients to come check out your store by hosting an event or by partnering with other local businesses to increase brand awareness. Personalize an invitation to send to your customers by using the text marketing feature. It’s that easy to increase foot traffic and get the party started!

Provide Quality Customer Experiences.

54% of retailers said that the customer experience is their most important focus. 77% of consumers think more highly of a company that engages with them through text messaging. Your customers prefer to text with you! Maximize customer experience through texting. By enabling your business number, you can allow your clients to texts in support requests and get their questions answered.

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