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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Voice and text networks are managed independently. This means the phone number itself receives the text, not the landline. Text messages are routed to SMS Factory and voice calls are still sent to the landline phone.

Do I need to notify my existing carrier?

No, that relationship stays the same.

Do I need to install anything on my computer?

No, we are browser based on the desktop and are available on IOS and Android as apps for smartphones and tablets.

How long are your contracts?

Our contracts are month to month, cancel anytime.

Do you have the ability to send bulk text alerts or messages to a large number of recipients?

Yes, as an added feature we have full-text blast functionality in addition to our two-way conversational texting.

How long does it take a user to be up and running?

Since we are browser-based and our interface is intuitive, end users can be texting with customers in minutes.

How many desktop browser apps can be opened to view the texts of a single phone line?

Multiple browsers can be opened on multiple desktops and devices with a single line.

Are texts saved and archived?

Yes, all text communications are searchable and archived.

Can you import contact lists, compose stored responses and send appointment reminders?

Yes to all of the above and more.