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Your Texting Inbox on any Device

Text with customers from your computer or mobile device

Easy to Use

Your customers will benefit from an easy to use yet powerful communication solution that can deliver all the services they need to grow their business.

100% White Labeled

Our white label platform was built to support Channel Partners. The solution is “turn-key” and includes everything you need to run your own SMS business. Partners accelerate their time to market and start generating a recurring revenue stream.

Integrated Billing System

No rigid billing or limited packaging options, the SMS billing engine allows for unlimited and per text plans, adjustable subscriptions, automated invoice delivery, customizable billing notifications, and integrated credit card processing.

Keep Your Business Landline Number


There’s no need to get a new business number because you can use your own! Old and new clients will be able to send you messages to the number they already know and have saved on their phone.



Our inbox allows your team to reply to business text messages from anywhere. Have two-way conversations with your customers, compose and save commonly used responses and designate “keywords” for auto-replies.



Whether you’re on the go or at the office, you’ll get notified when clients message you so you don’t miss any important updates. You will also know exactly when messages have been sent thanks to having their own timestamps.

Contact Management


Easy to use design will allow you to import unlimited existing contacts, segment into categories for targeted messaging. You can import them from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or using our CSV template. You can also export numbers stored in our system at any time.



Organize your contacts by assigning them specific tags that you can later use to search and find them. Do you need to communicate a message just to a group of contacts? Just assign them to a tag and send those contacts your message!

Personalized Templates

Create personalized templates and stop repeating the same message again and again. You will be able to save, create new, or update your templates when composing a message. Say goodbye to copy and paste!

Scheduled Text Blasts


Create customized text messages, announcing product sales, change of business or school hours, even emergency alerts, and send them to your pre-loaded list of contacts. Send your text blasts right away or schedule them for a specific date and time.



Automate how you communicate with clients by activating tags as keyword auto-replies. Your customers text a specific keyword and they will receive an auto-reply of your choice. Not only is it convenient but also a time saver!



Reduce the number of no-shows! Contacts will receive an SMS reminder prior to their upcoming event and be able to confirm, reschedule or have a conversation without ever picking up the phone.



Get insights about messages going in and out, credit usage, purchase history, scheduled tasks, and tags. Create a better business strategy by understanding more about how your clients interact with your company.

Mobile Apps


Our business texting works seamlessly between our web-based application and native iOS and Android apps. Receive messages on our mobile app and reply from your computer or vice versa. Never miss a message again!




We provide you with a history of all the messages you send and receive. You can search through specific words in messages to find what you’re looking for. We understand the value of every message!


With our application programming interface, software systems and servers can merge without difficulty ensuring quality results. Bring our features into your own system to provide everything your clients need to get started with business texting.