Manage incoming and outgoing texts messages seamlessly through our intuitive interface.


On the go or at the office, recieve notifications when your recieve a new message through the desktop or mobile app.​

Contact Management

Bulk upload of entire contact lists allows for a quick and painless upload of existing customers.


Segment and organize your lists by using tags. Send a text blast to a specific group of people.

Customizable Templates

Create re-usable and customizable templates to decrease response time.

Text Blast

Send promotions, surveys, and notifications to your entire contact list with our one-to-many text blast feature.

Auto Reply

Assign key words for autoreplies to automate responses to commonly asked questions.


Schedule reminders up to a year in advance and reschedule in real time.


Gain insight into how your clients are utilizing this software, credit usage, and purchase history.

Mobile Apps

Recieve messages on the go with our brandable mobile applications for Native IOS and Android phones.


All messages sent will be archived and searchable to comply with regulations.


Our API's, software systems, and servers merge effortlessly, ensuring quality results.

Reseller Program

Best for businesses or marketers who want to enter the landline texting business. The Reseller Program is designed for telephony resellers, marketers, MSPs, VARs, and IT solutions providers who want to start offering an SMS solution.

Compete for and win customers quickly with our white label solution.

Simplified pricing model — sign up, set up, get selling!

Onboarding and training support

Not an agent program (you own the full customer relationship)s

Partner Program

Perfect for telephony resellers, MSPs, VARs, and IT solutions providers who have a large client base and recognize the benefit of offering landline business texting, have extensive experience with telecom or IT and want to partner with a reliable and successful company, team, and platform.

Includes everything in the Reseller Program plus:

  • Increased flexibility with wholesale pricing and bundling model
  • High touch onboarding, training, and support.
  • Ability to add sub-agents
  • Full ownership of customer relationship

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