What Happens if You Send a Text to a Landline Phone?

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In an age where mobile phones reign supreme, the landline has fallen out of favor with many if not most customers. In 2020, only 40 percent of US households reported using a landline service. Compare that to 2004, when over 90 percent of homeowners had a landline. 

Despite their loss in popularity among homeowners, landlines remain a vital cornerstone for businesses in interfacing with customers. However, the relevance of text messaging has become increasingly significant to businesses who wish to keep in touch with their customers. Since 90% of adults own a mobile device, many companies now wonder, “how can I enable text from my landline?” so they can reach more customers with less effort.

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So, what happens if you send a text to a landline number? If a customer sends an SMS to your landline, will you receive it? The answer is that it depends on technology. For companies who don’t have the proper systems in place, that text message ultimately goes nowhere. That message is forever lost. Without the right software, any customer that attempts to communicate with you and your business landline via text has no idea whether you received their message or not. Any potential interaction is negated and the company in question potentially loses out on new customers or repeat business.

However, with the right solutions in place, text messages can be received AND sent by landline phones. With business texting software, companies can take advantage of two-way conversations. Not only that, but a number of integrated features can automate or otherwise streamline the communications and transactions between their business and the customers they serve. The technology to send SMS to landlines has existed for nearly ten years, and its increasing integration with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and other technology has made it a wise decision for businesses to incorporate text-to-landline capabilities. Businesses that fail to adopt this lucrative technology stand to lose out on considerable market share as customer preferences continue to skew towards text messaging as their primary method of communication. They may even stand to lose loyal customers when the seamless convenience and utility of text-to-landline technology is demonstrated by competitors.


What are the advantages of text-to-landline solutions?

There are several advantages to using software to allow your landline to be able to send and receive text messages. For one, you are able to maintain a consistent point of contact seamlessly across multiple forms of phone-based communication—namely, text and regular phone calls. Secondly, text-to-landline allows for you to track your customer interactions to maintain rapport with specific customers and for legal and regulatory purposes if need be. Lastly, with certain demographics strongly preferring text over calls, you stand to attract and retain a larger customer base by offering realistic solutions that many customers already expect businesses to have.


What businesses can text-to-landline services be used for?

We offer a number of innovative features that help you handle all kinds of business needs. 

Sales-heavy businesses such as car dealerships, real estate, retail, and restaurants: 

  • Enable quick and easy two-way communication with your buyers
  • Segment customer types based on our tagging system for targeted campaigns
  • Upload contact lists for easy management of your database
  • Configure notifications to your mobile and desktop devices to stay on top of interactions
  • Send promotional text-blasts for sales, events, and other important announcements

Schedule-heavy businesses such as doctor’s offices, personal trainers, spas, and salons:

  • Schedule appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations
  • Archive all messages sent and received to maintain customer rapport and/or compliance to regulations
  • Set up auto-replies for commonly asked questions to increase bandwidth for busy staff
  • Customize message templates for quick, easy responses for a smoother customer experience

How do I enable texting to my landline?

SMSFactory’s software enables you to easily activate your customers’ business line for text-to-landline usage. You can enable a VoIP (SIP) line, a traditional landline, or a toll-free number for two-way SMS communication. Once activated, we provide your customers with a white label solution to be able to send and receive text messages from their designated landline. This allows them to communicate with their customers without losing the phone number that their customers are most familiar with. And it allows you to provide a powerful tool among your suite of marketing and/or telecommunications solutions.

Do you own numbers that you provide to clients? SMS Factory gives you total control of landlines, toll-free numbers, and VoIP so that your customers have the tools they need to enable SMS communication with their clients and customers.


Can I activate my mobile number for landline texting?

Your mobile number is already set up for text messaging,  so you don’t need to set up a mobile number for text-to-landline service. In the case that you want to manage text communication to your landline from a mobile device, we offer a mobile application to easily manage all communication conveniently on-the-go. This mobile application provides notifications so you can maintain steady contact with customers and never miss an opportunity to connect when a customer reaches out.


How does sending a text to a landline work?

In order to understand how SMS to landline texting works, you have to understand a few main concepts. For one, text messaging and phone calls operate on two separate networks. A text message is delivered to the number that the landline represents—not the physical landline itself. With this in mind, most if not all landline numbers are able to receive both text messages and calls simultaneously. While a landline itself may receive calls, SMSFactory’s software sends and receives text messages via an easy-to-use digital interface. 


Do I need to install any hardware or software?

If you’re wondering whether you need to hook up any additional equipment to your landline phone, or to install any software—the answer is “No!”. Since SMSFactory utilizes a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) model, end users of our text-to-landline service simply need to log in to the interface on their internet browser or on their mobile device.



With the right technology solutions in place, you can easily send a text to a landline for your business communication needs. End users can simply activate their landline number (SIP/VoIP, regular landline, or toll-free) and begin quickly communicating with their customers via SMS. Our cloud-based software makes it easy for businesses to set up texting from their landlines without installing hardware or software.

Any business that uses our service can easily flow from phone calls to text and vice versa. Being able to adapt to customer preferences seamlessly helps businesses to provide optimal customer experience no matter who they engage with. And a feature-rich dashboard allows you to market text-to-landline services to a number of businesses that have different requirements, objectives, and communication needs. Ultimately, giving customers the option to interact with you via text is an effective strategy for meeting an increasingly mobile world of customers where they’re at.

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